BOB eProcure’s solutions/ platforms/products enable procurement organisations become The strategic constituents of their firms Growth journey while meeting their tactical Financial goals. Leveraging domain expertise with relevant technologies, BOB eProcure’s solutions/platforms/products delivers measureable benefits to all stakeholders in the procurement eco-system.

CEO/CFO Office

  • Immediate and Tangible RoI
  • Flexible engagement models to suit every need

Procurement Departments

  • Ease of Use
  • Meet procurement deadlines
  • Deliver on Financial Targets
  • Access to Supplier data and legacy procurement costs


  • Enable deeper insights and accessibility to procurement data
  • Agile, Scalable, Robust, and, Secure technology
  • Compliant with Global standards


  • Enable better Spend Controls strategies
  • Visibility to Team’s negotiation activities
  • Enhance Team’s procurement skills with accurate Data, and effective negotiation strategies
  • Build Credibility with the Supplier eco-system
  • Deliver on Financial Targets