Plan2Pay is our holistic, comprehensive procurement solution designed to address the strategic and operational challenges in the entire gamut of the procurement process. This functionally power-packed, easy, configurable solution is ideal for enterprises seeking to simplify processes, decrease manual dependencies, drive efficiencies and compliance in their Procurement operations.

Business Benefits

  • Unified Streamlined procurement operations
  • Transparent Organisation Costs
  • Improved Data Accessibility and Visibility
  • Increased Savings Realisations

  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Collaborative Supplier engagements
  • Better Business insights
  • Accelerates Project Plan to Completion cycle

Key Functionalities

    • Configurable workflows, rules and alerts

    • Seamless flow of data from approval to requisitions

    • Exhaustive Rfq/Rfx creation and management modules

    • Data Driven insights and Dashboards

    • Enables contract /PO creation, tracking and management

    • Allows for Electronic Invoices and reconciliations

Features and Functionalities


Facilitates organisations to create and view the spend plan by department, project and product categories. With user friendly features such as configurable workflows, seamless data flow from approvals to requisitions, tracking of budgets allocated vs utilizations, user defined reports and many more, this module empowers stakeholders to effectively plan and prioritise spends based on business needs.


This module allows for conversion of spend approvals to requisitions at a click of a button with a configurable rule engine that ensures compliance to purchase policies and budget availability. It also provides for role based create, edit, approve/reject authorisations and tagging of requisitions to contracts for PO generation.


This is a comprehensive online Rfx lifecycle management solution. This solution comes with enriched features such as templates for Rfx creation; customisable work flows for approvals, evaluations, & awards; auto evaluation and scoring of supplier responses; and insightful dashboards. Another unique feature of this solution is that it allows for multiple rounds of iterations on a single instance of Rfx/Rfp to facilitate quick and easy finalization of specifications and quotations. Read More

Contract /PO Management

Easily create PO for contracted suppliers on finalisation of the bid post online negotiations. This module includes features such as Role based/Authorisation based Contract Creation – Updations – Modification, and uploads of manual contracts. It is feasible to send PO to suppliers using a variety of means (EDI, email). This ensures reduction of paperwork and creates better contract audit trails with full visibility into contract spend and performance. Enhance savings with optimised usage of contract terms and conditions.

Inwards and Invoice Management

This highly flexible module provides for the buyer to account for partial/ complete GRN creations against Invoices, enabling quick reconciliations and resolutions to payments. It also enables Suppliers to generate Invoices against GRNs. It is feasible to Tack the complete cycle from Requisitions to GRNs to Invoices by departments and goods received.


Ensures complete transparency to the payment process. Finance teams can track Invoices and process payments online, while suppliers get visibility to their invoice and payment status.


This module incorporates 250+ online negotiation techniques to help sourcing teams define innovative sourcing strategies, purchase products, and services at competitive prices and negotiate specific to the markets. Packed with intuitive features coupled with a powerful rules engine, this empowers the sourcing teams to procure quality products quickly from qualified suppliers at best rates. Enabled to support BoQ/BoM negotiations, this makes sourcing for complex projects simple and easy. Participating suppliers can view leading price and ranks ensuring transparency in the negotiations and driving competition. Audit trails of the biddings, reports, and dashboards help to analyse discount patterns and supplier behavior. Read More

With BoB eProcure’s Plan2Pay procurement solution, organisations get to reduce paper work, enforce better adherence to contract terms, derive better savings, have complete control and full visibility to spends and perfomance. Combined with the powerful Reporting/ Dashboard engine and Supplier portal, Bob eProcure’s Plan2Pay solution accelerates RoI(s) and business growth.