Effective and efficient sourcing processes defines an organisation’s growth trajectory. Today with globalisation of procurement, margin squeeze, and increased competition it has become pertinent that procurement organisations adopt innovative sourcing strategies. eSourcing is also referred to as eAuctions, eNegotiations, Reverse auctions

Business Benefits

  • Purchase products and services at competitive prices
  • Enhance transparency of the sourcing process
  • Empower frontline procurement executive(s) for effective negotiations
  • Quick and smooth closures of transactions

Proven Credentials

    • ROI Delivered from Day 1 of usage

    • Implemented in 17+ Industries

    • Acceleration of Procurement projects: Reduced Requisition to PO time by up to 66%

    • Handled single event value up to $450Mn

Features and Functionalities


  • Intuitive, easy to use, menu driven UI
  • Launch auctions/ sourcing bids in 3 easy steps
  • Anyone with basic computer keyboard skills can operate the solution


  • Conduct Multiple auctions simultaneously across locations and product categories
  • Multi-currency negotiations with high-level system and data transport security.


  • High level of Security using SSL
  • Bid confirmation in words to the supplier


  • Negotiation Techniques – Can choose from 250+ inbuilt negotiations practices
  • Dynamic competitive bidding modules
  • Automatic conversion of suppliers and tendered prices into the auction
  • Enhanced controls for effective auction events – Minimum bid price decrements and increments controls in real time
  • Mask or display participating suppliers in real time
  • Pause and resume options for the event


Our flexible business engagement models allow customers to leverage our solutions as per their business needs and procurement process evolution. To make it easier for CxO’s to enhance their procurement infrastructure, we now offer our product on an Outcome Based *Fee!


  • Audit Reports – Complete Audit Trail of negotiations is captured
  • Custom reports feasible with filter option
  • Multiple supplier visibility options (rank, price, weighted bids etc)
  • Graphical display of live bids
  • Market preview facility
  • Variety of display option – leading bid, rank or both
  • Extensive after event report including supplier login information


  • Multi lot, single lot, multi item configuration
  • 80+ auction type combinations backed by our Tested Robust Technology
  • Multiple variants of auction. Sourcing methods -English, Dutch, Japanese, and Yankee
  • Parallel auction, serial, staggered auction
  • Manual Bidding, Proxy Bidding, Auto Bidding features
  • Provision for inclusion of non-price factors (such as quality and service) into bidding structure
  • Reverse price functionality
  • Inbuilt communication module