Engagement Model

An effective and easy engagement model makes sure the impact on your company is significant. In fact, it’s our goal to make your operations more productive than ever.

Bob eProcure solutions are either licensed for on premise or hosted model. The professional and advisory services are charged based on the complexity and period of engagement. For the usage of technology platforms, we have a dedicated engagement model which gives our client the ease of choosing a flexible model which suits their needs. Driving and developing relationships with our customers is priority. We believe in making the process easier and effortless decision making for our customers at every stage they are engaged with us. Based on the needs and feasibility of how these models work for our customers’ requirement, choices are made.

As a business owner you know your business best; and as IT specialists, we know the technology to align with your strategic goals.

  • Rental model- In this model, the users may rent the software for a specific period. The users have the option of choosing on a Monthly, Annually or for a bulk period. This gives the companies a flexibility to make use of the technology platforms as many numbers of times till the expiry of the period rented for. Continued relationship with our customers is what we thrive for, every day. Thus, we make every effort to make our customers happy. Instead of starting the process all over again after the completion of the rented period, we provide customers with the easier option of extending the rent period.
  • Pay-per-use- If the client is not a regular user of the services, pay-per-use acts as a feasible option of engagement. In this model, SAAS based delivery model is used for specific auction purpose.
  • License based- This is a model where the feature driven software deployed within company with any internal data center on private cloud or hosted environment. Based on the requirement level and also convenience in the infrastructure to deploy the software, customers may go in for the license based model.