The challenges in eWaste management is two folds

  • Aggregating of the eWaste within organisations across locations and departments and negotiating the right value for the same
  • Identifying certified dismantler/refurbish/ recycler for the disposal

BoB eProcure e-waste procurement system seeks to address these challenges and make the process of acquisition and disposal of e-waste simple and easy. Our solution comprises of an inventory system which maintains the e-item details and supports data update for existing e-items. We assist in maintaining the EOL (End of Life) item details, which include upgradable, reusable or recycle items. Realising the need of the clients for tracking the status of e-items, we provide EOL alert and reminder facility for efficient e-item management. Our clients can setup their own collection centre for e-waste storage and maintenance or use appropriate third party facilities. Our solution collates the availability of all e-waste/end of life items, creates a catalogue, brings together set of certified buyers and completes the market clearance through e-auction.

Business Benefits

  • Integrated solution from identification, collation, grading, and disposal of e-waste
  • End to end solution adhering to compliance and access to authorised and certified re-furbishers
  • Open transparent and planned price discovery, improve realizations

  • Standard and centralized process and information, providing transparency and real market price to organisation.
  • Adaptation of e-disposal pollution compliance and regulations as mandated by State Pollution Control Board