Our web-based Commodity Procurement Solution, is a fully integrated, ordering and procurement system. The complete commodity procurement process from financial planning (funds received to allocations), Aggregating of requisitions, supplier solicitation, negotiations, to invoices, and payments can be addressed on this single platform.

Business Benefits

  • Integrated production to payments process mapping
  • Increased market efficiencies on both supply side & demand side
  • Significant cost savings for producers in inputs and other purchase because of pooling of requirements and standardization
  • Improved market efficiency, transparent price discovery and reduce collusion.
  • Producer access to higher network of buyers
  • Elimination of intermediaries providing direct access to markets and cost savings
  • Regular updates on stock receipts, prices in market places and beneficiary payments processed

  • Tracking all Financial Transactions for both – Departments and Suppliers/Producers
  • Enabling Market place to Buy and Sell
  • Information on real market price for specific commodities
  • Significant reduction in risks associated with farmer commodity and reduction in the wastage
  • Regular and centralised market information enabling informed decisions
  • track the flow of funds, keeping intact the financial interest of the stakeholders involved
  • Automation, Collation of centralised information to government agencies to bring transparency, proper distribution of subsidiaries.

Features and Functionalities

Aggregation of Requisitions

  • Collate the inputs required by the beneficiaries (inputs such as nets, or diesel engines or fertilizers or feeds) so that volume discounts can be obtained


  • Payment engine has been integrated to ensure prompt and quick payments.


  • An auction engine that transparently coordinate the price discovery for all the goods

Financial Management

  • Funds received by various agencies and allocation of funds to various departments/beneficiaries
  • Policy based/ Rule based allocations eg: fisherman or beneficiary identified based on certain income or other criterion

Supplier Solicitation and Registrations

  • Quality based grading of Products too feasible.

Our commodity procurement solutions is ideally suited for fisheries, tobacco, rubber, horticulture, coffee, cotton, sugar, spices, cocoa etc. wherever State and Federal bodies are involved, grower/producer cooperative or Self-help groups participate and supply & market information asymmetry exists.