Procurement budget management is the analysis and oversight of costs and expenditures for an organization. Managing a procurement budget requires adhering to strict internal protocols on planning and approvals on procurement spend. Our Budget management allows a well-managed procurement planning and budgeting for continued smooth operations and growth.

Business Benefits

  • One click understanding of the budget used and availability

  • Better planning of the spend

Features and Functionalities

  • Allocates specific spend of money to various items that require funding.
  • keeps track of fund utilization and available balances.
  • Allows blocking and releasing of the allocation based on functional flows in terms of acceptance and rejection of PR’s and PO’s.
  • Allows transfer of funds within department between good & services and intra-department transfers with adequate approval workflow.
  • Enhance the control by verifying the availability in all PR, RFQ and PO generation levels and approvals.
  • Utilization reports based on Departmental, project, goods and service levels.